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This site is being developed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the M.A. which is offered by the Centre (formerly Department) for English Local History at the University of Leicester.

As you can see from the links above, and the photos below, the site will have a wide variety of offerings, both for past and present students of the centre, and for the general public.

But at the moment, the site is an empty shell -  we need your help in gathering more information…..

Please Contact us if you have any memories or photographs of the activities carried out at the Centre.

You can download our Questionnaire asking for your memories, or you can just send us an email.

We are interested in highlighting the rich variety of work carried out within the department - the Dissertations page will have a list of titles of past M.A. dissertations, but we also want to feature a number of them in more detail - can you let us have 1000 words or so in the form of an extended abstract?

And we are also developing a directory of ‘100 places a local historian should visit’. Send us a photo (one you have taken please, to avoid copyright issues), along with an informative 400 words or so explaining the significance of the location.

Centre History

From its foundation in 1948, the Department of English Local History played a pivotal role in developing what is now regarded as the Leicester Approach, and effectively established Local History as an academic subject.

This section of the site will look at the history of the centre, and the key personnel over the years.

This website has been provided by the Friends for the Centre of English Local History, which is a registered charity established to support the Centre and its students.

Whilst the staff, and former staff, of the Centre have worked with the Friends to provide the information on the website, as part of their project to celebrate the 50th anniversary, the content of the website is not the responsibility of the Centre or of the University of Leicester.

At the moment, none of the pages have been completed, but over the coming months we hope that this tiny website will flourish and develop into dozens of pages. Any major new additions will be announced on the Friends’ Facebook page.

50 years of the English Local History MA

Marc Fitch House, Salisbury Road, Leicester